Who We Are

Created in 2009 as a stand against rigid uniformity and lack of fresh ideas in clubs today, Lost Dawn, is the brainchild of Craig Gunn and Adam Symbiosis.

The concept was simple: Create an area which fosters creativity, bringing artists of all persuasions together and to reject tired ideas of what a club event should be. Lost Dawn is aimed to be progressive in its attitude.

Our core residents Adam and Craig, and now from 2016 Stakker, bring artistic flair to our events and you can find them injecting massive amounts of fun and energy in every room or dropping dance floor bombs from behind the decks. All make sure Lost Dawn goes off with a bang from the planning stages right through to the last beat.

The Lost Dawn team is rounded off by Pat Day Cobb who'll greet you on the door, and illusionist Sam Cookney who'll wow you on the dance floor and corridors of our events with his spectacular sleight of hand tricks. We also work with a range of regular collaborators throughout each season to bring interactive arts, amazing music and panache to our events.

You'll find exciting electronic artists paired with surprising art. You'll find a space that's comfortable, welcoming and fresh. You might even find your Lost Dawn! If you'd like to get involved please sign up to our mailing list for more info or visit our Facebook page to send us a message.

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